Friday, January 14, 2011


Whilst checking out the happenings of life on my old neighborhood blog, I found myself doing the typical clicking that led me to a few things that made me happy.

First, I went to a sister blog that highlights the best Gumbo in the city, Where Ya At.  I love gumbo.  I had a favorite spot just up the street from our previous home, the 74th St Ale House.  This new gumbo "hot spot" is actually made, served and sold in one of the ever popular mobile food trucks that roam the streets of the greater Seattle area. 

I can't wait to escape from the 'burbs and order a serving of this apparently excellent curbside creole grub.

Georgetown Trailer Park Mall

 Well, next I found out that one of the locations for Where Ya At is at the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall.  Georgetown is a industrial community in between Boeing Field and downtown Seattle.  A recent trip to the neighborhood for an amazing dining experience at the Corson Building certainly opened my eyes to the new shops, cafes, restaurants and bars that have popped up all over.

The Corson Building restaurant
Now, back to the Trailer Park Mall.  I don't know much about it, but what an interesting concept.  Clear the expensive overhead of a building and create a shop on wheels.  If the food industry can do it, why not clothing, crafts, arts, etc.   I look forward to a jaunt,  minus the small fry.    

I wonder if my suburban neighborhood would be open to mobile stores in the form of trailers...

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