Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Return of the Prodigal

We had an outstanding holiday in Hawaii earlier this month, relishing in the constant warm weather (80s every day) and mostly sunny skies.  Being from Seattle, March is a trying month around here.  One can handle only so much gray, drizzle, and mold before going a little bonkers.

My post-holiday return to blogging was also impacted a bit by the horrific earthquake and tsunami in Japan. My heart, like many, has been heavy with the tragic news flowing in every day. We were very fortunate to have little impact on our actual vacation (and safety), besides closed beaches the morning after the earthquake. 

On a trivial note, yesterday I received a little package from Hey Yo Yo that I've been impatiently waiting for since last week - a few more items to add to my party-planning supplies for the Royal Wedding tea party in a month. 

Fabulous red and white striped paper straws and the most adorable cupcake wrappers and toppers made by Meri Meri.  I can't stand how cute they are!! 

The sweet little business card tucked in with the purchase

Now onto my project of making Union Jack Bunting.  I already hit up my favorite craft store for paper products, and now just need to carve time in my schedule to wield my x-acto  knife safely away from the small fry.