Thursday, November 11, 2010

Paper Crafts

My daughter celebrated her second birthday in September and one of the gracious guests brought a gift in this box, crafted with scrapbook paper. I immediately adiosed it away from the small fry and put it with my treasured possessions.

It got me thinking about all the amazing things that can be made with paper. I'm a deer in headlights when it comes to sewing and many other handycrafts, but I can brandish a hot glue gun or x-acto knife with confidence.

I made these little banners for Halloween (love the giant flat-screen, don't you?!? (yuck)) and immediately the toddlers became very excited for the upcoming holiday.

I also created them for my son's 3rd birthday (The Red Balloon Birthday)

However, I'd love to up-the-ante and make some other fun home decor items. I found Papercrafting In No Time while visiting our local Packaging Specialties, and since Christmas is still a little while away, I had to buy it for myself.

The others will remain on my Christmas list for Santa to put in my stocking:

Paper + Craft by Minhee Cho and Truman Cho

home, paper, scissors by Patricia Zapata

wallpaper PROJECTS by Derek Fagerstrom

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