Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Interlude

I recently located a few random photos from my son's fourth birthday party this summer that I'd wanted to post, so here goes.  After mulling through some various concepts, I settled on one that was quite timely to his then current passion -- building implosions/demolition. 
Implosion of Seattle's Kingdome, 2000
It was fun to brainstorm about how I could integrate this theme into a party.  A visit to just two stores took care of my decor needs which consisted primarily of:

1. yards and yards of yellow and black construction hazard tape
2. numerous bunches of yellow, black and white balloons
3. miniature construction figurines in various poses on the dining and buffet tables
4. floral arrangements with bursts of red seasonal flowers like dahlias and gerber daisies
5. two styles of construction helmets (grayish-silver and yellow) that guests could personalize with construction themed stickers

We were blessed with another year of nasty weather for my boy's big day, so we had to keep the messy and destructive activities (mentos and diet coke anyone?) planned for outside on the backburner.  Inside my technology gifted husband figured out how to loop Building Implosions from YouTube on our flatscreen and channeled toddler energy into destroying a pinata.   Good times had by all!

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