Monday, September 27, 2010


I often forget that things occur in life for a season and then we move on to something new, different, or perhaps something very challenging. This is especially so in the life of a toddler. My son recently stopped napping and along with it, I've had to figure out how to alter my life and schedule to work with this lack of "me time".

One thing that has suffered is my chance to work on projects. The list grows and so does my anxiousness to start or complete some.

So, in light of this, I'm posting pictures of a centerpiece project I worked on for a mom's group at my church that I did a few years back. The theme was focused on getting recharged and encouraged from this community of amazing moms so that we can go back to our homes and bless our families, and in turn, our neighborhoods and communities.

These centerpieces represent neighborhoods around the greater Seattle area:


The University District

West Seattle



Queen Anne

* missing ones for Lake Union & Greenlake


  1. Wow Jen. those are incredible. amazing and creative too. I can now see why they took so long to make. I'm super impressed.

  2. Thanks, Idaho Spud! They took forever, but certainly were fun to do... I need to get inspired to make something for my house.