Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Beach Cottage Art

The parents' beach cottage is still a work in progress, though certainly getting much closer. Looks like a winter kick-off to our beach getaways rather than this past summer.

We made a trip over there recently to check out the new fire-pit next to the boathouse:

Anyway, I'm still keeping my eye out for fantastic art to decorate the few spots that may be available to my particular taste.

Here's a great item spotted on Design Sponge by Wayne Pate. A fun take on the nautical theme with a dose of humor.

A recent trip to Hawaii started an obsession with vintage-looking beach art. The lovely eye-candy rich store called "Sand People" has a slew of it. Here are some favs taken with my sorry little iPhone:

The two following signs can be customized for one's house/restaurant/vacation spot:

One that I hope embodies the spirit of the beach house from the Honolua General Store in Kapalua:

A nice little print from Ballard Designs - I've seen this one a few times at catalogs over the past year or two and I still find myself gravitating toward it:

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