Thursday, July 23, 2009

Squeak, Squeak

My new obsession is flooring. We currently live in a 1919 Craftsman, with updates made in the 70s. Upon moving in, we did our best to bring a splash of youth and modernity to the place, while preserving the good elements from the earlier era.

However, the main thing that drives me crazy are the wood floors that squeak, squeak, squeak all the time when walked upon (squeaks that wake up small children & infants from naps).

I can appreciate hardwoods, but I'd appreciate them more if they didn't make my life so challenging.

Last week we went on a little family vacation to the Washington coast and stayed in an lovely rental home in the Seabrook community. All the houses/cottages have been built in the past few years, but have such a sense of uniqueness and history to them. What I really liked about the place we stayed in were the rustic wood floors with terrific texture and durability.

This photo via a room somewhere via Sweetie Pie's Tumblr gives a good idea of what they looked like (though photo is of a different house altogether):

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