Monday, February 14, 2011

Made in England

Here are a few of my latest obsessions that stem from my love of England.  With the royal wedding of Will & Kate coming up soon, my brain has turned to these nostalgic designs:

First, the fantastic hand screen printed wallpaper by Lizzie Allen.  We have yet to paint or paper any of our walls in the new house, even though we just passed the year mark since our move.  However, if I had a spare chunk of change hanging around, I would instantly place my order for one of the following prints to grace at least one room in my house. 

Lizzie Allen's Changing of the Guards
My gut tells me that I would go with this "Red Buses, Black Cabs" print for our powder room

Lizzie Allen's Red Buses, Black Cabs Wallpaper
     Another item that I happened upon are these adorable mugs by Repeat Repeat in the UK. 

Really get into the spirit of the spring royal wedding with this version of the Made in England mugs. 

Perhaps a nice addition to the other many chic and fun items available both in the UK and stateside for late-night (or will it be early morning?) wedding viewing on TV.  Thank goodness for the DVR.

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