Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten on Ten - 10/10/10

I've been dying to participate in the Ten on Ten Photography project started by Rebekah of Orange Poppy. Finally, I put it on the calendar, sent myself some reminders, and placed a camera next to my bed. Waking up with a headache, drippy nose and aching body almost derailed this attempt, but thankfully it came together, more or less.

Think about joining Rebekah and others next month with this project!


  1. Visiting from 10 on 10!
    Your pictures are so fun!
    We have that same Curious George book.
    I can't figure out what the 7th picture is!

  2. Thanks, Kerri. The 7th is a gorgeous glass art installation in a fountain at a mall in the Pac NW.

  3. What a great set. I love the one of the dolls. We have those same dolls. Came with the dollhouse. I think they are so sweet.