Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Project

For the last two months, I've been in search of a potting bench for our back porch... not so much for potting plants as for entertaining in the backyard.

Most options have been far too expensive to justify, and just as I began to let hope die, we happened up on a FREE potting bench while walking through the neighborhood this past weekend.

My husband, with baby in backpack, declared that 1/2 a mile wasn't too far to carry it and off we went. I was blissfully content as I pushed the toddler in his stroller the rest of the way home.

Typically I get easily distracted from my fun projects by the mundane, tedious things like laundry, dishes, etc, but Saturday I excitedly went straight to the store to purchase my new paint, some sand paper and primer. 3 hours later we had a fantastic serving/entertainment table. Photo of the makeover to be posted tomorrow.

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