Thursday, August 6, 2009

Birthday Inspiration Board

My little man, GT, is turning 3 in a few days. Although we're celebrating with a rather low-key family party consisting of burgers on the grill, presents and ice cream cake, I wanted to incorporate something sweet that reflects this stage of life.

One of his favorite things is to play with balloons and so this year's party theme is based on one of my childhood flicks, "The Red Balloon". I have a copy on hand should we need to subdue the restless youngins in the event of rain.

I absolutely love the following photos used as invitations for this young man's birthday. A link to Armelle's wonderful blog is found here.

We spent this past Sunday afternoon working on our own re-creation of La Ballon Rouge. Here is our big birthday boy posing around our neighborhood:

No party is complete without the right music. Look no further than the music from Amelie

and Putamayo's French Playground:

I'm hoping to get some fun photos of the actual celebration to post and reveal how it all came together. Wish me luck!

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